Space KinG (dauntless) wrote,
Space KinG

Urgch, never really thought breaking down numbers into their divisors would ever really be relevant, but here I am. It's kind of amazing how big a difference .0001 pixels a frame can change things.

Which then leads to compromising between the platonic ideal and a chunkier movement rate, to get approximately the movement speed you want. For example, a monitor refreshing 85 times a second divided by 14 is 6.0714, almost a whole number. Divide it by 15, and you get 5.666.. steps a second. Which is very ugly in practice.

I'm sure emulator authors use better technique here than I do, but they're still a grotesque mockery of the actual games when you think about it too hard.

... In other news, hit a wall so hard on strength training as to break my neck. Being in the early intermediate phase (novice: Progress every session. Intermediate: every week. Advanced: every month.) is a very scary place to be wondering blind in.

... I also stand in soldierity with OWS by Occupying my bathroom once a day.
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