Space KinG (dauntless) wrote,
Space KinG

So some dude slopped together a way to play PGM hardware. So magically a couple weeks later, the MAME team went ahead and added support for those games, because they don't want to be left behind (but certainly don't want to lead).

This happened months ago and no one informed me. It felt like Christmas without getting dumped or someone dying. Worse - it HAPPENED around Christmas. Annoying.

At the time, having three new old Cave games to play was a little overwhelming, but a week has passed and they feel like old cat food now. I don't like ESPGaluda very much, which is a little tragic. I do find it kind of gross how the infantry in that game turn into jello - I know it's what they deserve for not being psychic gender-bending wizards or magical steam powered medieval war machines, but ew.

The SH-3 will be a bit more overwhelming when it's supported. That thing runs 8 cave games, including DeathSmiles which at least won't feel so much like more of the same.

Here is a character design I made for Deathsmiles 3. The only alternative would be a fetus in stripper clothes.


Magic Class: Meat
Familiar: Smelly shoe
Focus item: Magic finger
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