Space KinG (dauntless) wrote,
Space KinG

When adequately intoxicated, when not having a blast laying on the ground, I'll bump into doorways and walk in a rather reckless manner.

Now, if there are other people around, they complicate the situation. They're obstacles, and I have to pay attention to my walking to maneuver around them.

It can't be pleasant for The Others, either. There's a non-zero chance of my finger trying to enter their nostril region, but aside from that, me not caring about other people not caring about what I'm talking about is pretty awful.

Like right now I could be blabbing about NES display limitations and how to wrangle the background palettes to somehow add color to frames like this:

Who in the entire world would give a crap about such a topic? Like maybe two guys on the Nintendoage forums is who.
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