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Space KinG's Journal
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Monday, April 2nd, 2012
3:22 am
Haiku Thursday
Romney's brain was put
In a scary cylinder
By smelly Mi-Go

"Why did you do this"
He asked, through bleeps and boops
Mi-Go gurgled back

An eternity
Spent crying in his dark jar
Lonely cosmic trip

Centuries pass
Returned to his body
Finally at home

But vastly changed
The darkness: endless aether
Nothing left inside
Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
9:11 pm
Urgch, never really thought breaking down numbers into their divisors would ever really be relevant, but here I am. It's kind of amazing how big a difference .0001 pixels a frame can change things.

Which then leads to compromising between the platonic ideal and a chunkier movement rate, to get approximately the movement speed you want. For example, a monitor refreshing 85 times a second divided by 14 is 6.0714, almost a whole number. Divide it by 15, and you get 5.666.. steps a second. Which is very ugly in practice.

I'm sure emulator authors use better technique here than I do, but they're still a grotesque mockery of the actual games when you think about it too hard.

... In other news, hit a wall so hard on strength training as to break my neck. Being in the early intermediate phase (novice: Progress every session. Intermediate: every week. Advanced: every month.) is a very scary place to be wondering blind in.

... I also stand in soldierity with OWS by Occupying my bathroom once a day.
Monday, August 29th, 2011
5:25 am
Okay, so you have yon randomly generated jRPG dungeon floor.

This floor can be broken into multiple "wings" - inassessible chunks you have to go down and up stairs for. Or find a key to access, whatever.

The quantity of wings (the completely isolated ones that require stairs) you can have is dependent on the number of stairs down of the floor above you and the number of wings it has. This number is StairsDown - (Wings - 1). So if you had four isolated rooms (with one stairway down in each of four rooms) on Floor 1, Floor 2 would have to be one single mass, so you get into every spot of Floor 1.

Now, mulling over what would be the easiest way to implement correct stairway linking - after all you can have two wings from two floors linked only to each other and therefore make dungeons that are completely impossible to complete if you don't do some diligence.

Then another idea jumped into my head: stairway links that go beyond any given two floors. This is when you get into the "fun" realm of having to go down three floors, then going up three floors, to be able to go down four floors and continue on. This thought. Now I have a headache.

I'm not interested in following it of course. jRPG dungeons tend to be simplistic, and the examples of this much assholery (such as in Etrian Odyssey 2) I can think of tend to be short tedius bits of the game.

Really getting an idea of why people don't like making games with randomized elements...
Saturday, August 27th, 2011
1:52 am
No water here. It's fun. Fun fun fun.

"Argh, in 6 years no Christian responds in an outrage when I point out that Yahweh may be low on mana, as his spells consistently get weaker as the bible progresses. (Though I'm sure many raged on the inside.)

Five seconds after mentioning that in the Quran, Aaron's gold cow goes "moo", I get "why you gotta bring the quran into this bro?"

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011
2:36 am
Argh. Tired. Spine hurty.

The liver was sliced thin by Nazis, but I pan fried that shit gently enough that there was still some moisture within. Plus: unlocked the secret of gravy making. Challenges may arise, but you can't take the sky from me.

I hate it when I'm overly precise. It spooks me a bit. The proper method of accomplishing a thing:

* Create a small mock up of the next (small) milestone.

* Realize that mock up.

* Repeat until finished.

Today I drew a basic rectangle in MSPaint, which ended up being 3 pixels off center of the actual window frame drawn in-prototype. Just spooky is all..
Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
2:30 am
Pasta cause you're not FB fweinds
This week's excerpt from The Turner Diaries:

Roy looked across the cab of his pickup truck. Across, to pretty little Susie. His eyes drifted southward almost automatically, to her bare midsection. He could contain his lust no longer.

He moved in close, and whispered softly along her seam "You're too damn sexy. You know that, right?"

Susie, the racist bag of fertilizer, froze. Perhaps she was torn between conflicting emotions of disgust and temptation? Perhaps.

He nibbled seductively on her corner while fondling her plastic front. For many long minutes. He could contain himself no longer; Roy wasted no time to make his move.

He ripped open her seams and her dried delicate insides (that smelled slightly of poo) spilled all over him. From face to crotch. He rapidly orgasmed, right before the bomb in the back went off and took down the Pentagon and all the hippies in it.

Roy's final thought before being turned into salami: "Totally worth it. Totally."

Useless bonus post

It's blurry because FB likes to convert sexy 2.47 kb gifs into shitty blurry 15.24 kb japiggles. Apparently that helps someone, but hell if I know who.
Saturday, May 7th, 2011
3:32 am
Some of the things PBS has been airing recently... I find it very strange. It's either a really subtle statement of "you suck", or I'm just reading too much into things.

They brought up the topic of Civil War, that thing where broke guys were paid to fight to prolong the institution of slavery. Which was an odd choice, as slavery itself was a huge contributor to why the broke guys were broke in the first place - how could they compete with a labor force that was paid half a cheese ration and beatings?

And the social stuff that came after: Jim Crow/Tan People Are People Too/Women Are People Too/Gays Are People Too/Prohibition Is Retarded, that kind of stuff.

One thing that drives me crazy is coverage on Martin Luther King. The man's political beliefs are as popular as pedophilia is to the powers that construct The Narrative: he believed that poverty was the main cause of hatred and suffering. He had a desire of "transforming the Jericho Road". A quote: "It comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring." Martin Luther King is a socialist. How many times has that been mentioned whenever his super special funtime holiday comes around?

Now, my point is we're still those same exact people. All this stuff happened a single breath ago to time's eye. The same memes from that era still drive things today, in ways both obvious and subtle: We still have prohibition. The lingering birther nonsense (in a world where news has a half-life of 5 minutes) that would be meaningless even if it were true. Tavis Smiley seems to be the only tan person who could land the lead part on US tv.
Monday, April 18th, 2011
5:09 pm
Let's review games no one cares about!

Dodonpachi Dai-ou-Jouuuuuu
This is perhaps the best example of a sequel I've ever seen. The game is designed to appeal to people who've mastered the hell out of Dodonpachi - all 200 of them. And somehow, even with a game that's little more than dodging bullets, it retains the same soul as Dodonpachi, where you need to do a lot of weaving around the screen during stages to survive.

The nostalgia factor is crazy - these two games were released five years apart. They made the second levels almost identical, but Dai-ou's version has water in the craters. And the final level has a few mini-me versions of Dodonpachi bosses, and also it's terrain is the same as the first DDP's 1st level.

The Sound Guy they got when the company Raizing went under just kicks so much ass. Dodonpachi is infamous for the crappy generic electric rock soundtrack - Dai-ou has beautiful music.

And on top of the old layers of score systems, it's added a "hyper" item, which allows you to earn a crap load of points with a super duper laser, but when you use it the rank goes up (ie, more and faster enemy bullets).

I was most excited about this one from the three, but it's underwhelming. I thought the theme would at least make it better than ESP Ra.De., but it feels like a worse game to me.

It's playable if you use the elaborate gender bending score system, but it's pretty crap otherwise. The final level is also a nostalgia level of Ra.De., with the shitloads of Alice clones, etc.

It has three (!) enemies that use train tracks in it, which is enough to leave a player in a stupor of tired depression.

I thought I'd be sick to death of this game from time spent with the DS version, and I halfway am - tired of the bosses.

But it is my favorite of the three. It really is "the best" vertical shooter.

There are some nice little flairs to the thing. The screen scrolling backwards when the destroyer midboss launches from its hanger, battle copter Bullfrog launching out of a baseball field, etc. And of course:

Oh Blackdraft, *every* midboss ought to have his own electric guitar solo. You truly melt my face with your wizard napalm.

The genre is pretty saturated - I don't think Cave will make another vertical shooter for a few years at least. There are seven more v.shooters after this era, how many more do you need? When you've made Ketsui and Dangun Feveron, where is there left to go from there? Hopefully they'll try some other genres and melt some faces.
Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
5:32 pm
So some dude slopped together a way to play PGM hardware. So magically a couple weeks later, the MAME team went ahead and added support for those games, because they don't want to be left behind (but certainly don't want to lead).

This happened months ago and no one informed me. It felt like Christmas without getting dumped or someone dying. Worse - it HAPPENED around Christmas. Annoying.

At the time, having three new old Cave games to play was a little overwhelming, but a week has passed and they feel like old cat food now. I don't like ESPGaluda very much, which is a little tragic. I do find it kind of gross how the infantry in that game turn into jello - I know it's what they deserve for not being psychic gender-bending wizards or magical steam powered medieval war machines, but ew.

The SH-3 will be a bit more overwhelming when it's supported. That thing runs 8 cave games, including DeathSmiles which at least won't feel so much like more of the same.

Here is a character design I made for Deathsmiles 3. The only alternative would be a fetus in stripper clothes.


Magic Class: Meat
Familiar: Smelly shoe
Focus item: Magic finger
Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011
3:50 am
I made some Atarish still art today:

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011
3:29 pm
I know way more about what's going on in General Hospital than anyone really should.

Kind of absorbed in the universe of Etrian Odyssey right now. It's like it's an infinity box designed for people with OCD...
Sunday, February 27th, 2011
2:17 pm
When adequately intoxicated, when not having a blast laying on the ground, I'll bump into doorways and walk in a rather reckless manner.

Now, if there are other people around, they complicate the situation. They're obstacles, and I have to pay attention to my walking to maneuver around them.

It can't be pleasant for The Others, either. There's a non-zero chance of my finger trying to enter their nostril region, but aside from that, me not caring about other people not caring about what I'm talking about is pretty awful.

Like right now I could be blabbing about NES display limitations and how to wrangle the background palettes to somehow add color to frames like this:

Who in the entire world would give a crap about such a topic? Like maybe two guys on the Nintendoage forums is who.
Friday, February 4th, 2011
11:07 am
I submitted this flawless masterwork into a Guild Wars art contest. The crooked bastards didn't even give it an honorable mention. Now tell me. Does that seem right to you?

I did some icon art last year. We all love iconology right?

Designing skill sets is a bit annoying. They need to fit together with the sets from other classes like a jigsaw, so as to promote variety. Inevitably I can pull out four skills that can work, and then spend days on the fifth one trying to find a niche or an appropriate skill of another class's niche that can be weakened and reused.
Thursday, November 11th, 2010
3:48 am
Gantz Abridged is a nice, cheerful distraction.

I especially like how Kei Kurono makes up a song about how awesome he is. It's so much in character for the guy... it makes it too funny.

My only criticism is it cuts out a little more cheerful violence than it should to the point of muddling up continuity a bit.. otherwise, wonderful.
Tuesday, October 5th, 2010
3:22 pm
It amuses me how he looks like an alligator man:

10:59 am
The video of cop -> dog murder was put out a while back. Is a great thing to watch if you feel like crying today.

Remember more than 100 of these raids are carried out every day in this country, to more or less similar results. In this one, at least a lady wasn't murdered in her bed and her baby's hand blown off..
Monday, September 27th, 2010
8:15 pm
Hey hey let's post posts from our facebook accounts:

"Once upon a time I found this book on computer wargames written in 1984. It fascinated me because the author was "Brian Murphy". The implications were obvious - if reincarnation existed, this meant, at the least, that 1 year old toddlers don't have souls."

I also don't like how I can't call facebook "fuckbook" anymore since that's a real site and people would get too confused. But damn it it feels so wrong.
Sunday, September 26th, 2010
2:48 pm
Warhammer Online's Endless Trial is worth about a week of free entertainment. Vanguard, LotRO, and EQ2 are increasingly not worth it in that order. EQ2 is lolore crack of boring furrys: "And then it came to pass they came to frolic by the beach, unknowning of the reptilian's evil taxation plot..." Like the opening scroll to the Phantom Menace.

Craigslist had a labtech job opening for $10/hr, that required a degree. Just what the fuck man. Spend your money for 2 or 4 years to get a minimum wage job? Military pays more than that.
Thursday, July 29th, 2010
12:01 am
In Which I Talk Too Much About Supernatural
Update: Eat it twilight

So like any fangirl, comicon was all about the new season of Supernatural. Information so far:

There will be an episode called "Live Free or Twihard". About vampires walking around in daylight and acting strangely. Word around town says they'll be finding victims by taking advantage of the current vampire fad.

Note that vampires in the Supernatural universe do not glitter in the sunshine. Nor are they played by androgynous anorexic actors. They're bald grey monsters with entire rows of pointy teeth. Who need to be decapitated.

Anyway, the season 5 finale was about what you'd expect. Everything is low key and "realistic". The destruction humanity faced wasn't from directly as collateral damage from the much hyped showdown, rather as the side effects in nature as the angels draw in their power (tidal waves, earthquakes etc).

Anyway, it wasn't a failure and gave happy times for everyone. Except! At the end the prophet disappeared. And I shook my fist at the screen. "Chuck IS NOT God! No! Don't take Chuck away from me!" - because if he were God, well, that just ruins the character.

Some internet poking claims that Yahweh likes to alien abduct his prophets when their work is through. And at comicon they said they were going to leave this vague, like M. Night douchey level. And I was all like "ALL IS FORGIVEN."

But then in one or two places it was all like he said "saying one way or the other would M. Night douchey" and I was like "GOD DAMN TWITTER IS NOT ANY WAY TO GET NEWS."

So I'd have to watch the panels myself to find out what the douchieness applies to - if they're admitting they're douchey I'm happy. If they're not, I'm Mel Gibson level unhappy. But, fuck me, I have dial up. I shall never know.

The Walking Dead AMC Series

This thing is stupid. They're extending the lifespan of a character 'cause the director likes the "love triangle" he's involved in. Even though there is no love triangle. Which is a big part of why you can still feel empathy for the characters. So, strike one.

Then they took the hot chick from Prison Break. And put prothestics on her face. And old lady make up. So. It's either being racist against old women who aren't allowed to have acting jobs. Or it's racism at hot people not being allowed to be hot. It looks stupid, so strike two.

As this is not baseball, but rather a date, two issues are enough to Not Care. I know from prior dates with shows that two shitty decisions mean the show is being ran by a douchebag.

At best it will be a zombie show where the zombies are the protagonists and you only tune in to see them eat the horrible people who need to be eaten. Except that this is "The Walking Dead" and you'll never have the satisfaction of a total party wipe.

F-22 Sucks

Always knew it was a white elephant - the plane's killed more of our citizens than anyone else. But it's really a crappy weapon. The skin of the plane is super weak, especially to rain and dust. It peels like a grape. And there's a "critical failure" on average of every 1.7 hours of flight.

"Boeing learned of defects in titanium booms connecting the wings to the plane, which the company, in a subsequent lawsuit against its supplier, said posed the risk of 'catastrophic loss of the aircraft.'"

Also, the canopy delaminates like a mofo. Think of all the money poured into this bullshit, that could have been given to each of us directly instead. Fuck us all.

Jim Jones

Dude was gross. "It's okay - the herpes sores aren't open you'll be fine!" Also the being gay but making a elaborate ruse for why it was against his nature but did it to be a martyr for other men.

I don't want to join his cult.

Starcraft 2

Games is sixty dollars. Why is it sixty dollars? Because fuck you, is why.

You pay extra for the privilege of DRM, no LAN, and having to play as a "guest" on your own game and own computer.

Too bad for Diablo 3.

Stupid arm

Stupid arm hurts. It's stupid.
Thursday, July 22nd, 2010
5:43 pm
A depressing thing happens when browsing dating sites. On the odd occasion you find a white whale (holy grail), the coincidence of wants says she probably won't even be in the correct hemisphere. Latest lady who makes me sad face is 1507 miles away, so why even bother trying to chat amirite?

On the flipside, if I assume the profile presented is accurate, that either means she has to be seriously defective in some manner to not have had a guy sink his hooks into her.. or in the other case, where she isn't defective, well then, she'd be too good for me anyway.

The option fields in these kind of sites are also vague and deficient, for example:

A Few Extra Pounds: "I'm a fattie but my stomach doesn't drag along the ground" | "I'm one of those crazy bodybuilding.com women who can not stand that human bodies have a life-insulating layer of fat in them"

Non-Religious: "I'm a Christian but I don't go to church or preach at people like a jackass" | "I'm an atheist and I think religion is for dumb people who want to believe in spooky shit lol"

Hm. Well I might as well play detective, it's not like I don't have hours to kill...

Oh hey and if anyone has any recommendations on learning Flash, that'd be super. kthnxbye
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